Kim Butler

Kim Butler

President of
Prosperity Thinkers™

Kim helps people Simplify their Savings, Automate their Assets, and install Faith in their Finances by using her Pledge membership and Whole Life as a foundation for Perpetual Wealth.

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About Me

The heart of Kim’s vision, and mission, is to activate lifelong service for her clients. What does that mean? It means inspiring them to live lives of purpose for their whole lives—rather than retiring or taking themselves “out of service.” (Which is the definition of retirement.)

Kim, who has seen many facets of the financial industry, now helps clients to create long-term financial strategies for building sustainable wealth using whole life insurance. Life insurance is under-utilized by the masses, yet is the “secret” foundation of America’s wealthiest.

Kim Butler’s money journey has humble beginnings that have stayed with her well into her 30-year financial career. It all began on her farm, where she and her sister looked after their dairy cows. This responsibility instilled in Kim a desire to take ownership of her life, a love for savings, and an entrepreneurial vision. She used her savings from selling milk to attend a private college debt-free and launch her career in finance.

Today, Kim lives with her family in rural Texas, on their alpaca farm. Working virtually from her home office (with the company mascot, Emma Dawg, by her side and her husband coding financial software down the hall), Kim helps clients find creative money solutions to build reliable and certain wealth.

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Unlicensed and Unencumbered
I have worked with Kim Butler for over 25 years, and she has helped me be a Prosperity Thinker! I have become my own banker and now save automatically. I have also become more of a giver than a taker. Overall, Kim’s positive philosophies of enjoying life, having a purpose, and always maintaining a positive attitude has really changed my life.
Carrie Putman
President, Bookkeeping Helpers, Inc.


I help the next generation achieve cash flow control by installing a "pay yourself first" structure

In order to prevent millions of wasted lives caused by cash flow worry.

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What They Say

Happy Client’s Feedback

When dealing with whole life insurance or insurance, you don't just want someone who passed a certificate. You really want someone who lives it, breathes it and tailors to YOUR NEEDS. Kim is all that and more. She has other interests /activities that many people would find suitable as companion with whole life insurance. I find her listening skills excellent. Most importantly of all if you need a specific insurance that she doesn't have a expertise in she knows other experts who do and who fit her model of excellence. One cannot say more that to have a champion behind you.
Celia Tong
Datawarehouse Engineer at
I worked with Kim for almost four years. The abiding word for Kim is good. She genuinely wants the best for everyone. She embodies good and win-win and giving first are her deep felt thought platforms for all of her actions. That covers her books, podcasts, seminars, summits and especially for her clients. She puts her all into everything she does. Then there is the Prosperity Economics Movement she co-founded. That is monumental and she has put her heart and soul into it.
Terra P
Ghostwriter, Social Media and Public Relations Strategist
Kim is an invaluable wealth of knowledge when it comes to financial strategy, investing, and how to think about money effectively. She has a gift for clearly articulating concepts that often confuse people, and she has a heart of gold (even when she shows it through "tough love"). She's a straight shooter, but does it in a way that let's you know she's looking out for your best interests. I would highly recommend anyone to use Kim if seeking guidance in building wealth or a career in the financial world. She goes out of her way to "do the right thing" for people, and that is a rarity in today's world!
Derick Van Ness
ERC and Research & Development Credit Specialist for Dentists🦷 and Doctors💆‍♂️
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